This is David,

From early childhood and onwards, I’ve always had a special interest for design and architecture. When I finished high school, I decided to join the world of architecture. I felt that this decision would feed my restlessness and would allow me to get involved with people and their lives.
I enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program at Alicante University (Spain). My concentration was Building Engineering which allowed me to learn about the technical aspects of construction projects. This is a fundamental aspect of understanding architecture. You cannot have a good design if you don’t know how to build it.

After completing my undergraduate education, I continued my studies at CEU-UCH University of Architecture in Valencia, Spain. With my master’s degree finished, I felt passionate about both design and architecture, and loved the idea of continuing to do research. That’s why I decided to travel around the world so that I could build my experience to get a global perspective on architecture and design.
I moved to Sydney, Australia where I had had the opportunity to study Australian architecture and several urbanism projects. I then went to work in the Amsterdam offices of Cruz y Ortiz Architects. There, I was involved in many residential projects and public bidding processes. One of the most significant projects I contributed to was the Rijksmuseum (Netherlands National Museum). After that, I worked for Johansson Architects in Madrid on a winery in Rioja Alavesa, Spain. Currently, I am collaborating with PAYETTE in Boston MA, USA.

Over the years I’ve realized how important architecture is in our everyday lives. Architecture has the power to transform our way of living and transform our cities for the better. I really enjoy having the opportunity to do what I love. Knowing the responsibilities and challenges we have with new designs is essential to build the cities of the future.


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Building Engineer

My route

| 2015- current | David Ruiz Molina, Happiness through design.
| 2017- current | Collaboration at PAYETTE Associates in Boston, United States.
| 2015-16 | Collaboration at studio MLA Architects en Boston, United States.
| 2014 -15| Master´s in education, Miguel Hernández University, Elche.
| 2014 | Collaboration at Johansson Architects in Madrid.
| 2013 | Collaboration at Cruz y Ortiz Architects in Amsterdam.
| 2011 | Scholarship: Departmenet of industrial processes applied to the architecture Cardenal Herrera University_UCH_CEU.
| 2011 | Master´s degree in Architecture Cardenal Herrera University_UCH_CEU.
| 2007 | Bachelor´s degree in Building Engineering, University of Alicante.

My workshop


  • I believe in the simplicity of all the components that are part of architecture and design.
  • I believe natural light is the most powerful tool I can use in my designs.


  • I believe in integral design - designing the whole space down to the smallest detail.


  • I believe in competitiveness in architecture to produce the design.
  • Through architecture, we have the responsibility to make cities better for the future.