This is David,

From early childhood and onwards, I’ve always had a special interest for design and architecture. When I finished high school, I decided to join the world of architecture. I felt that this decision would feed my restlessness and would allow me to get involved with people and their lives. I enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program at Alicante University (Spain). My concentration was Building Engineering which allowed me to learn about the technical aspects of construction projects. This is a fundamental aspect of understanding architecture. You cannot have a good design if you don’t know how to build it.

After completing my undergraduate education, I continued my studies at CEU-UCH University of Architecture in Valencia, Spain. With my master’s degree finished, I felt passionate about both design and architecture, and loved the idea of continuing to do research. That’s why I decided to travel around the world so that I could build my experience to get a global perspective on architecture and design.

I moved to Sydney, Australia where I had had the opportunity to study Australian architecture and several urbanism projects. I then went to work in the Amsterdam offices of Cruz y Ortiz Architects. There, I was involved in many residential projects and public bidding processes. One of the most significant projects I contributed to was the Rijksmuseum (Netherlands National Museum). After that, I worked for Johansson Architects in Madrid on a winery in Rioja Alavesa, Spain. My last international experience was at STUDIO MLA and PAYETTE in Boston MA, USA during 4 years.

Over the years I’ve realized how important architecture is in our everyday lives. Architecture has the power to transform our way of living and transform our cities for the better. I really enjoy having the opportunity to do what I love. Knowing the responsibilities and challenges we have with new designs is essential to build the cities of the future.


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David Ruiz

CEO - Architect / Building Engineer

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José Maria Plaza ( Collaborator)

Architect / Building Engineer

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Eusebio Salamanca ( Collaborator)

Building Engineer

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Graphic Designer