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Childcare Center

Situated on a sloping site, a 25 foot grade change on the parcel allows for an interactive site berm, protecting children from the neighbors, and the street with the low-profile 1-story building from the front. The curve design at the rear of the building hugs the adjacent wooded conservation forest with a 2-story overlook in the treetops. With a goal of LEED Platinum, and using sustainability as a teaching tool, the building has incorporated several sustainable elements including: Geothermal well-field, rainwater harvesting, bilateral daylighting, native plants, radiant heating/cooling flooring with natural ventilation, LEFE charging stations, and PV panels.

  • DATE: 2016
  • CLIENT: MedImmune
  • STATE: Finished
  • LOCATION: Gaithersburg, MD. United States
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